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That moment when your little brother sets a new highest trophy record and your life goal is to surpass him again…

you and me both sister omg

SO this is my current #WIP :) an Irish dance for my art assesment :)  based of a friends dress from the back :) #irishstep #irishdance #drawnbyjamie




New dress almost finished ❤💎



holy sparkle


autocorrect understands me



dress fashion has come a long way since 2008
so have I


Oh my gosh, Evie…


Welcome one and welcome all,
To dancers, teachers and teams
You are all very welcome
to London twenty fourteen

You have worked all year to get here
The blood, the sweat and tears
Like many who came before you,
the champs of yesteryears

Just look how much the scene has changed,
Since our very first worlds years ago
The steps now harder and faster,
Boys spin, girls walk on their toes

We too have changed our venue,
We’ve gone international now
A long way from Colaiste Mhuire,
But sure we’ll do it proud

We’ve toured at first our Emerald Isle,
With champs from each region
We danced across to Scotland next,
Our hosts the great Glaswegians

In Belfast it was a triumph,
the standard of dancing great
However can we top this?
Let’s bring the Worlds to the States

In Philly and Boston we partied,
just as we know to do best
We danced from morn, sang until dawn,
Without so much as a rest

And so now we come to England,
for a week of dancing and fun
Let’s make it the best in history,
And show London just how it’s done

You all have come from far and wide
A common talent shared
Your heart will pound, your nerves will build,
Excited but a little scared

Take to the floor with honour,
Dance with poise and grace
Each one of you is a champion
No matter where you place

One thing to all remember,
Regardless of your age
Your teachers, school and dancing friends
Are with you up on that stage

Each one of you an athlete,
Of Irish dance and song
Your teachers have no voices left,
From shouting all year long

Five continents of dancers,
I’m very proud to say
Have traveled to the worlds this year
Bonjour, Hola, G-day

We all bring something different,
We all will have a ball
Canada will prepare themselves,
Next year in Montreal

Now lets open London,
A wonderful city it’s true
We hope this week makes memories
To take back home with you

So judges, teachers and parents,
Sponsors and every musician,
to ever dancer who steps on stage,
From members of An Coimisiun

We wish you every ounce of luck,

Let’s give yourselves a cheer!!!

Let’s open London twenty fourteen,

And make it our very best year…



Brian McEnteggart (From Humble Beginnings)

The official poem of London 2014

(via irishdanceletsyoufly)